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How To Choose the Best Tarp

Making sure you have the right tarp for the job is a big decision. You need the right size, thickness, and style for the load you’re hauling. Syntex Industries is here to help you!

The easiest way to get the best tarp for your truck, trailer, or wagon is to contact the experts at Syntex Industries! All you have to do is tell them what you need and they will take care of the rest. Protecting your load from the elements, theft, and pests is important. You work hard and need to protect your investment and profit from loss.

The Right Tarp for the Job

What you are carrying will determine the kind of tarp you need for your load. Asphalt, grain, sand, and gravel all have different needs when it comes to protection.

If you are hauling agricultural products, you may need to cover trailers for your semi, grain carts or wagons, fertilizer wagons, or seed wagons. Your combine may need a hopper topper to protect the crop from the elements, too. Syntex Industries can also repair your tarp if it is damaged. We can custom-fit tarps for your trailer or wagon, ensuring you have the best fit for your load.

There are different things that tarps can protect your load from, depending on the style, features, and more. Things to consider when choosing the tarp you may need:

Not every tarp is durable enough to handle windy conditions and this includes highway speeds on the back of a truck. You’ll need to make sure you have the right kind of straps and tie-downs to keep your load secure.

Almost everyone loves a sunny day, but UV rays can harm your payload. Make sure that your tarp is UV Resistant if you need protection from the sun’s rays.

Most tarps will protect your product from moisture (if they don’t have holes or tears in them), but even a treated canvas tarp can allow water to soak through if left long enough. A vinyl or poly tarp is 100% waterproof and will protect your grain or other loads. Syntex Industries carries a long line of marine applications, so we know water protection.

One thing many people don’t think about is how the cold will affect their tarps. A heavy duty tarp can withstand the winter weather and vinyl tarps are built to withstand temperatures below -40℉.

Syntex Industries supplies firefighters with a wide array of firefighting supplies, from hose bed covers to floor runners and stage mats. If you need a tarp that is heat-resistant, we have the right product for you.

Get the Right Tarp from Syntex Industries

No matter what your line of work is if you need a tarp, Syntex Industries is here to help. We can custom make your tarp on-site from pickup covers to tractor-trailers. Let us help you protect your profits and loads from the elements with the perfect tarp for your needs.

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