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The Right Tarp For The Job

Just like how trailers are different for what they are hauling, the tarps you need to protect that load are different. Each application has different specifications that are needed, depending on what you are doing. Syntex Industries has the right tarp for your trailer or truck.

Tough Tarps for Tough Jobs

There’s a reason that Syntex Industries tarps are found all over the country in all kinds of industries. Our tarps are reliable, durable, and can be custom-made to order. Whether they are on grain carts or trailers, seed wagons, side dumps, dump trucks, belly dumps, fertilizer wagons or a hundred other vehicles, our agriculture and construction tarps get the job done.

In addition to our tarps, we offer a full line of roll tarp hardware, repair services, and electric roll tarp kits.

When you are looking for a new tarp, give us a call. We’ll work with you to make sure that you have the right tarp for your specific use. We can help protect grain, gravel, fertilizer, sand, and more. Your load will be protected from the weather, pests, and loss. And your employees will be protected from falling debris and other problems, as well.

Our tarps are made from a heavy-duty 18 oz vinyl material that is treated with protection against mildew and UV rays. The seams are welded and the pockets are double stitched, providing waterproofing features and strength. Because our hardware is galvanized or aluminum, you won’t have to deal with rust and weathering.

Have A Unique Job? We Can Make A Tarp

When you work with Syntex Industries, you don’t just have to choose from a tarp off the shelf, we can custom design and build a tarp for you. The materials and methods used to build your custom-made tarp will be the same as our other high-quality tarps. They will protect your load from weather, pests, and other damage. If you need a mesh cover, we can also set you up with that.

Our custom tarps meet the same high standards we expect from all of our products. They are professionally sewn and use hardware that won’t be impacted by the weather. Your custom tarp will last for years.

Roll That Tarp!

Nobody likes standing out in the elements manually rolling or unrolling a tarp. Syntex Industries is proud to offer a full line of electric roll tarp kits. While sitting in the comfort of your cab, you open or close the power tarp with a wireless remote control. We even have a spot where you can bring your truck and we’ll install the kit for you!

Innovative, Strong, and Versatile

Syntex Industries has your storage needs covered with one of our roll tarps. Whether you are loading a wagon, trailer, truck, combine, or another kind of hauler, we have a tarp that will fit perfectly. Grain, sand, rock, fertilizer, you name it, we’ll protect it!

Contact us today to learn more about all that Syntex Industries can do to protect your profits!

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