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It’s Time To Replace Your Grain Trailer Roll Tarp

If you’re looking to make certain that your grain stays dry and in the perfect condition to be sold, the correct materials are necessary for the job. Usually, farm equipment is fairly reliable and lasts a while – but nothing anyone can build lasts forever. Even the most durable tools or equipment will fade, get worn down, or break eventually.

If you’ve been looking for replacement tarps for grain trailers or roll tarps for grain trucks, we have the perfect kind of product to offer you. It’s the kind of tarp you’ll want keeping your grain dry for years to come: made out of the right materials, and perfect for the job at hand.

Do I Even Need To Replace My Grain Trailer Roll Tarp? 

The truth is, if you’re searching and looking into replacement tarps for grain trailers, you probably already need to replace it: you know it’s been a long time and it can’t be long until your current tarp stops being effective. Just to stay on the safe side, however, let’s go over what physical characteristics mark an ineffective tarp.

If you’ve been using the same tarp for months or years, and it can easily come apart when you pull on both sides at the same time, that’s a massive red flag. Even worse, holes in the tarp are of course horrible. This means that the tarp’s material – over years and years of protection from rain, wind, contaminants, and the elements – has gone rotten. The material has become brittle and is no longer effective at keeping your grain dry and protected. 

If you’re already noticing some of these aspects of your tarp, it is definitely time to think about replacing it. While you may think that you can last out the season or use the tarp a little while longer, one strong storm or series of bad circumstances may ruin a huge batch of your product – and, of course, that’s the exact kind of situation that you’re trying to avoid.

What Qualities Do Our Grain Trailer Roll Tarps Have? 

While a grain trailer tarp is a fairly common and mundane object, you still want to make certain that you have the best possible product to guard your harvest so that it doesn’t get wasted. The kind of materials that we use at Syntex Industries – along with several features included in the tarp – mean that our grain trailer tarps are the best in the business, bar none.

We offer tarps made in either heavy duty 18 oz. vinyl or 22 oz. vinyl, both of which are treated for protection against UV rays and mildew. Moisture and the sun beating down on your tarp shouldn’t ruin it, so we include in-built protections against the elements to make this important piece of equipment last that much longer.

Furthermore, our grain trailer tarps include double stitched pockets for both roll tubes as well as stationery tubes. These tarps include welded seams – which are perfect for strengthening the overall durability of the tarp and making the entire thing far more waterproof.

The last bit of important information about tarp qualities is the metals that we use for the welded seams. Our tarps’ seams are galvanized or made of aluminum – one or the other, without fail. Rust will never be an issue for you: which is important when you consider how much this tarp is going to be out in the rain and the water.

What Other Important Benefits Do We Offer? 

Syntex industry is the only manufacturer that offers a unique combination of services: namely, not only do we manufacture, but also install that grain trailer tarp. We’re the only manufacturer that offers these services in 100 miles of northeast Iowa, centering right around Humboldt.

This will make the entire process, from purchase to installation of your new roll tarp, completely painless. You won’t have to worry about any risk of the elements, contaminants, or weather harming any of your grain or your product. It’s something that anyone who produces grain for a living should invest in.

Look at A New Grain Trailer Roll Tarp As A Long Term Investment 

No matter how hard you try to keep your tarp in perfect condition forever, it will never completely remain in that state. Minor tears and holes will develop after a long enough time, but even before that, it’s likely that the material will be worn down by the sun until it’s brittle and in prime state for major damage to occur. You probably got the tarp originally a long time ago, and it’s served you well until now, but it’s impossible for it to last forever.

Look at this new grain trailer roll tarp as a long term investment for your farm or your business. You’ll be protecting your grain and the product you produce for years to come, making a smart decision and saving yourself money in the long run: versus losing a ton of product because you didn’t want to buy a new grain trailer tarp at the right time.

Come Replace Your Grain Trailer Roll Tarp Today 

Make the right decision and come and replace your grain trailer roll tarp today. There’s never been a better time than right now to replace such a crucial aspect of how your business functions: especially if your current tarp is in the middle of failing. 

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Replace your grain trailer roll tarp today!