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Boat Lift Cover vs Boat Cover

Boat Lift Cover vs Boat Cover 

If you’re someone who enjoys boating and you’ve finally managed to acquire your own, you’d understandably be invested in the protection of what you’ve just purchased. Boats are some of the more expensive things to own in life and they can cost a small fortune: from the initial price, to maintenance, repairs, supplies, and various other associated costs.

It makes even more sense, then, that you would also want to cover and protect the boat directly. While the initial purchase of a boat is one of the bigger parts of owning it, paying for accessories to maintain it also costs money. You’d want to get the best kind of cover for your boat that you could for it… only, you’re not certain which that is.

You may be considering just getting a normal boat cover, but there’s a chance that you might want to get a boat lift, too, which has a lot of benefits attached: and that has a separate accessory called a boat lift cover. Coincidentally, the two aren’t really used in tandem often. 

Which to get? A boat lift cover or a boat cover? Let’s go over the benefits of each and see which fits your needs better.

Boat Cover: Benefits and Downsides

Everyone knows what a boat cover is, and most people are going to want to own them at one point or another. Usually, you’ll use the boat cover when transporting the boat more often than anything else. While this may be helpful, it doesn’t cover every scenario that you’ll run into as you spend more and more time boating.

A boat cover, when fitted correctly, has many different benefits: let’s go over a few of them.

  • Keeps the boat clean of things like dust, debris, bugs, and other things that could make the boat dirty or reduce its quality.

  • Prevents things like mold, and repels water and moisture in general.

  • Keeps away animals and other things that can damage your boat.

  • Protects against UV rays and various different instances where your boat could be damaged if uncovered

Obviously a boat cover does offer a lot to customers. It can offer a great return on its investment and can be helpful. However, there are a few downsides to having a boat cover that are worth mentioning.

  • Expensive

  • Can only be used at certain times (not with a boat lift, which is important)

  • Improperly fitted covers aren’t effective — requires custom fitting

So we can see that boat covers have some upsides and downsides. What about boat lift covers, however? Slightly different, because they involve the use of a boat lift and help protect the boat.

Boat Lift Cover: Benefits and Downsides  

Assuming that you’ve already got the boat lift installed, a boat lift cover is a sensible suggestion and a natural extension of first getting a boat lift for your vessel. Your boat lift cover can assist you in protecting your boat in many different ways, and it’s important that if you are to get a boat lift cover, you make sure that the cover is right for your brand of boat lift.

It’s also probably a good idea to get your boat lift canopy from the right source. Syntex Industries has the ability to create the exact kind of boat lift canopy/boat lift cover you want with high quality materials, like 18oz vinyl.

What, specifically, however, does the boat lift cover have that’s so great?

  • Help keep the boat safe in sudden storms and from harsh weather

  • Provides great protection from bugs, moisture, the elements, and UV rays.

  • Makes it more comfortable when riding your boat around

  • Helps protect your boat from other people, animals, and various other hazard

Of course, we also have to list some downsides that boat lift covers have:

  • Requires the boat lift which is an extra investment

  • Cannot be used while transporting the boat effectively

While there still are some downsides, they aren’t quite as noticeable as the other ones are. For the boat cover. Additionally, having a boat lift cover offers a few twists on similar advantages that the boat cover gives, with a bit of extra utility.

So is a boat lift cover flat out better than a boat cover? Let’s wait and see the verdict before we jump the gun.

Which is Better? A Boat Lift Cover or a Boat Cover?  

Each product has a few different benefits that it gives the user. You could technically purchase both of them, of course, but it depends on how much extra money you want to spend on your boat once you’ve bought it. One cover should be able to manage it, after all, and you may have other accessories or purchases that also need to be made.

Overall, we believe that a boat lift cover has better overall value for the average person and can give them the most utility and the best protection out of the two products. While a boat cover is no doubt a useful thing, and owning both is an easy decision if you have the money for it, that’s not the situation for every person. Most people are going to want to own one out of the two covers, and we believe that a boat lift cover is more efficient and effective overall.


When you consider all of the evidence and information, boat lift covers overall have a better value and are more worthy of your purchase. Depending on what kind of boat lift you bought, you can buy different kinds of covers for your boat lift.

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Click here to see all about our boat lift covers and what we offer. You’ll receive a custom-made boat lift canopy that’s made out of 18oz vinyl and is designed to last. Our boat lift canopies are meant to be durable and provide your boat with years of protection, at a fair price.

Come and try out our boat canopies now! You’re making an investment that will protect your boat for years, up to a decade: and that’s something that you’re not going to regret.

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