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Our Commitment to Quality

Since 1978 Syntex Industries has been in the business of helping our customers deal with the decision-making process of selecting the right tarp and hardware for their needs. “Keeping Our Customers Covered” in all aspects includes before the sale, during the manufacturing process and after the sale.

As a nationwide manufacturer we have the opportunity to work in a variety of industries, including AgConstructionFire Apparatus, and Marine, also offering many other custom products. This diversity allows us to provide innovative products to all our customers by taking what we learn from each application and use.

We manufacture all of our products in the USA and back them by our standard 2-year warranty and depending upon the industry, like the fire industry, we meet all strict requirements!

Custom made products to better serve you

Many of our products are custom made to the specification of the customer. As a result, we have an order review process that not only requires our employees to sign off on each step, but also allows them to stop the process and deal with any inconsistencies if they occur. This includes:

Our tarps are expertly made with premium materials and provide each customer with a very simple and effective tarp system that is flexible and easy to roll and unroll no matter what you are covering. Additionally, they are manufactured with heavy duty 18 oz. or 22 oz. vinyl material that is treated against UV rays and mildew. Welded seams provide strength and waterproofing features and depending upon the type of tarp, pockets are double stitched.

Finally, all of our hardware is galvanized or aluminum so our customers NEVER have to worry about rust!

We commit to environmentally responsible products, services and operations as well as the health and safety of our employees.

We realize our customer’s need for value, timeliness with little or no hassle, either now or in the future. Customer service is a cinch, just pick up the phone and give us a call with any questions. When you choose to purchase tarps from Syntex Industries, you are making a long lasting investment!

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At Syntex Industries, we GUARANTEE that you will get the quality & service you deserve along with our 2-year warranty. We are committed to solving problems & developing lasting relationships with all our customers. Call us today!

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