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Hose Bed Covers for the Fire Apparatus Industry

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Protect your fire truck hose and supplies

Protect your fire truck hose and supplies

Municipal fire department | Volunteer fire department | Airport fire rescue
Municipal fire department | Volunteer fire department | Airport fire rescue

Syntex Industries is dedicated to making high, quality NFPA hose bed covers, just as you are dedicated to saving lives.

Get a quality, custom Hose Bed Cover

Add letters, numbers, or your department logo. Get reflective chervon or the vinyl color of your choice. All made with top quality materials.

Whether you are a fire truck manufacturer or local fire department hero, Syntex Industries is dedicated to making high quality fire apparatus, just as you are dedicated to saving lives!

A Syntex hose bed cover used to secure and protect one of your most valuable assets, the hose, amongst many other quality supplies we offer. These covers provide safety, security and efficiency for any fire service.

At Syntex Industries, we offer custom hosebed covers for your fire apparatus, whether you’re looking for a simple red vinyl with no lettering, or you want all the bells and whistles in every color of the rainbow we’ve got you covered.

Our custom hosebed covers keep the hose secure and protect other people and vehicles as the fire apparatus drives down the road. They are made of heavy duty 18 oz. vinyl coated fabric which is able to withstand -40F temperatures. Additionally, they are mildew resistant and UV protected to keep your hoses away from the damage the sun can bring.

Custom fitted Hose Bed Covers

Each product is customized precisely to your specification. You can also add letters, numbers, or reflective letters and numbers. Plus, there are many different closure options including:

If you’re concerned with the safety of your team and of those around you, a reflective chevron NFPA compliant material for your hosebed cover is a great solution. It provides more safety than other options, and it is easily seen by drivers and citizens passing.

Our fire truck hose bed covers is made with micro-prismatic high gloss PVC tapes which are of the highest quality. Custom sizes are always available for your custom fire apparatus and there are many colors to choose from.

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