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Crosslay, Speedlay, and Restraint Covers for the Fire Apparatus Industry

Whether you are a fire truck manufacturer or local fire department hero, Syntex Industries is dedicated to making high quality fire apparatus, just as you are dedicated to saving lives! One of those products is a crosslay, speedlay and restraint cover which keeps important tools and equipment in place while the truck is in motion.

Crosslay, Speedlay, and Restraint Covers built to last

At Syntex Industries, we proudly manufacture crosslay, speedlay and restraint covers for fire trucks all around the nation. Our covers are strong and well built, they are made out of heavy duty webbing or 18 oz. vinyl material. Also, they allow quick and easy access to your tools and equipment when needed. All of our covers are custom made for each fire truck, and come in various colors and hardware options including:

We make the ordering process fast and simple for you with a variety of straightforward worksheets that allow you to quickly and easily determine your needs. Because of this, we are well-known for our fast delivery!

In addition, Syntex provides a variety of other Fire Apparatus products that can meet your every need including:

All fire apparatus comes in a variety of colors including standard red, yellow and black. Other colors are available upon request.

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