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Stage + SCBA Mats

An emergency staging mat is perfect for staging and organizing your equipment and keeping them from getting misplaced. 6′ X 10′ mat with pleats for fresh air or SCBA tanks. Grommets in all four corners and includes label. Various wording available for these staging mats – “RESCUE”, “RIT”, “HAZMAT”, “REHAB”, “EXTRICATION”, “EMS”, “DECON”, “FIRE RESCUE”, etc. SCBA cyclinder staging mats.

The perfect Staging Mat for empty and full SCBA air cylinders. This mat allows users to provide a organized SCBA bottle staging area at fire, hazardous materials and other emergency scenes where SCBA cylinders are used. 3′ X 7′ Staging SCBA mat with pleats. Includes labels of “Full” and “Empty”.

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