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Grain Cart and Grain Wagon Tarps for the Ag Industry

As a farmer, protecting your investment on your harvest is of utmost importance. Often times, you don’t get everything done in the day that you would like or sometimes adverse weather conditions put a halt to your plans. You realize that sustained moisture in your crops can potentially degrade them and eat into your profitability.

As a result you need to protect your products, many times overnight, until you can get back on the job again. Whether you are using a grain cart with an auger, a grain wagon or both, keeping your harvest covered is the best way to maximize your productivity.

With use over time you may experience tears and holes in existing tarp or some type of operation error might damage your tarp. So, whether you are looking to replace an existing tarp or expand your operation and need a new one, you’ve come to the right place.

Syntex Industries is in the business of helping you effectively deal with the decision-making process of selecting the right tarp and hardware since we have been “Keeping Our Customers Covered” since 1978. When you work with us you are making a long lasting investment!

Quality Tarps that last

We realize that you are looking for value, getting your product when you need it and ultimately with little or no hassle, either now or in the future. Our grain cart and wagon tarps are expertly made with premium materials, but also are very flexible and easy to roll and unroll.

They are manufactured with heavy duty 18 oz. vinyl material that is treated against UV rays and mildew. Additionally, welded seams that provide strength and waterproofing features while double stitched pockets work for either roll tubes or stationary tubes.

And since all of our hardware is galvanized or aluminum you won’t have to worry about rust!

Grain cart and grain wagon tarps also come in a variety of colors including standard black, white, gray, blue, red, tan and green. Other colors are available upon request.

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