Whether you are a fire truck manufacturer or local fire department hero, Syntex Industries is dedicated to making high quality fire apparatus, just as you are dedicated to saving lives! One of those products is a portable water tank which is a temporary collapsible tank designed for reserve water storage for firefighting and emergency relief.

Each portable water tank is customized specifically to your specification. Our most popular liner material is our 22 oz. vinyl material which is extremely durable and versatile with high tensile and tear strength. Each water tank is expertly made with premium materials and includes all of the following:

  • All vinyl seams are electronically welded, not sewn, which provides a strong and water-tight seam with great strength
  • Resistance to +178 F and – 40 F
  • Brass grommets
  • 5/16” rope
  • One large discharge chute for fast emptying (additional chutes are available, as an option)
  • Three grab handles to aid in the draining process are standard on all water tanks (more can be added as an option). These handles are made from the same heavy duty vinyl and are glued to the water tank
  • Quick Snap Latch comes standard on all Syntex water tanks, which saves time with no more tying knots in rope to hold the chute
  • Safety Hinge which is much safer for the fire fighters and also eliminates the chance for the liner getting pinched, causing a tear.

We Offer Many Sizes of Portable Water Tanks For Fires

Additionally, liners can be installed to the frame at Syntex, as an option and portable water tank frames and liners can be sold separately!

There is a wide variety of sizes which can include standard folding or double folding for your convenience:

Special size water tank frames and liners are available.

In addition, Syntex provides a variety of other fire apparatus products that can meet your every need including:

All fire apparatus comes in a variety of colors including standard red, yellow and black. Other colors are available upon request.

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