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Boat Lift Canopies for the Marine Industry

Strength. Power. Endurance.

Extend the value of your boat for years to come

Syntex Industries high-quality boat lift canopies are a long-lasting investment to protect your boat.

Get the boat lift canopy made specifically for your boat lift brand!

Don’t know the brand? Enjoy a custom made canopy for your boat lift.

Are you looking for a boat lift canopy from a trusted company? Syntex Industries has been manufacturing replacement boat lift canopies and has been “Keeping Our Customers Covered” since 1978. We realize that you are looking for value, getting your product when you need it and ultimately with little or no hassle, either now or in the future. We can provide all of these for you.

Our boat lift canopies are expertly made with premium materials and provide you with a very simple and effective cover that is flexible and easy to install and uninstall. Additionally, our boat lift covers are manufactured with heavy duty 18 oz. vinyl, Harbor Time, or Sunbrella material that is treated against UV rays and mildew. Welded seams provide strength and waterproofing features and depending upon the make and model, double stitched pockets.

When you choose to purchase a boat lift canopy from Syntex Industries, you are making a long lasting investment. We realize your need for value, timeliness with little or no hassle, now and in the future. This is why we pride ourselves on providing you with the absolute best customer service.

Hassle-free ordering & quality service

There are many in-stock items and we can accommodate any custom need and delivery is typically in 1-2 weeks. Our canopies are available in Classic, Premium, Harbor Time or Sunbrella materials with many color choices available!

Classic and Premium

Standard colors include gray, white, blue, tan, and green.

Harbor Time

Standard colors include shale, antique beige, mallard green, cordovan, nautical blue, with other colors available upon request.


Standard colors include charcoal gray, cadet gray, black, forest green linen tweed, and linen.

Specialty Colors

Available upon request.

Ready to buy? Find a canopy for your brand of boat lift

Why buy from a dealer when you can save money buying directly from the source?

Choose from a variety of models to meet your needs, including:
Choose from industry leading materials in a variety of colors, including:

Harbor Time

ShoreMaster Compatible 21' x 96" Boat Lift Canopy Cover Antique Beige
Antique Beige
ShoreMaster Compatible 21' x 96" Boat Lift Canopy Cover Harbortime Cordovan
Shoremaster boat lift canopy cover mallard green
Mallard Green
ShoreMaster Compatible 21' x 96" Boat Lift Canopy Cover Harbortime Nautical Blue
Nautical Blue
ShoreMaster Harbortime Boat Lift Canopy Cover


Syntex Sunbrella black
Jet Black
ShoreMaster Compatible 23' x 120" Boat Lift Canopy Cover Sunbrella Charcoal Grey
Charcoal Gray
Charcoal Tweed
Cadet Grey
ShoreMaster Boat Lift Canopy Cover Linen
Linen Tweed
ShoreMaster Compatible 23' x 120" Boat Lift Canopy Cover Sunbrella Captain Navy
Captain Navy
ShoreMaster Compatible 19' x 108" Boat Lift Canopy Cover Sunbrella Forest Green
Forest Green

Every minute you wait to get a boat canopy is another minute the value of your boat will continue to go down. Put the power of a boat lift cover by Syntex to work for you so you can quickly and easily protect your boat, extend the life of your investment, and keep the resale value of their boat high!

But, don’t take our word for it…take a look at these quotes from happy Boat Owners just like you!

Our boat lift canopies have you covered

These canopies protect boats from bleaching due to sun exposure, water stains from rain, or damage from high winds and debris which can all ruin them both on the inside and outside. In short, they keep watercraft protected whether in storage or on-the-go.

Our canopies are expertly made with premium materials. They are manufactured with heavy duty 18 oz. vinyl material that is treated against UV rays and mildew. Additionally, welded seams provide strength and waterproofing features and also include double stitched pockets.

NOTE: Syntex Industries produces replacement covers that are compatible with the below boat lift brands and has no ownership in the registered trademarks or other property of these companies.

See what others are saying about Syntex Industries boat lift canopies!

You have one ultra satisfied Syntex customer! The boat lift cover is more than I expected. I was so pleased the way the cover fit and the high quality material – you made my entire day! I could not stop admiring the new look and feel of the cover.

I was alone at my northern Wisconsin lake cabin when I installed the cover. I tied several ropes to the cover and hoisted it onto the aluminum canopy structure. After securing the cover, I stepped back to admire the end result. Wow, she sure looks good!

Thanks again for a great fitting quality product! You have a fan in Three Lakes, Wisconsin!


The top fit great! I was worried, as we took the measurements on a cold spring day when my husband didn’t have a lot of patience. I didn’t break one nail this year, a record! Thanks for all the help.


I put your cover on last night for the first time. It is beautiful. A flawless masterpiece. I like the chain weights and long sides. The fit is perfect. When these covers are made poorly, they look terrible. They fade inconsistently and can be like wrestling an alligator to fit them onto the tops. We had a lot of rain and wind (who hasn’t), and the boat hardly had any water in it form the side winds. This top really does the job.


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