Are you looking for a boat lift canopy and interested in doing business with a trusted company? Syntex Industries has been manufacturing boat lift canopies and has been “Keeping Our Customers Covered” since 1978.

We realize that you are looking for value, getting your product when you need it and ultimately with little or no hassle, either now or in the future. We can provide all of these for you.

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There are many in-stock items and we can accommodate any custom need and delivery is typically in 1-2 weeks. Our canopies are available in Classic, Premium, Harbor Time or Sunbrella materials with many color choices available!

Classic and Premium standard colors include gray, white, blue, tan and green

Harbor Time standard colors include shale, antique beige, mallard green, cordovan, nautical blue, with other colors available upon request.

Sunbrella standard colors include charcoal gray, cadet gray, black, forest green linen tweed, and linen.

Special colors are available on request.

Our Boat Lift Canopies Have You Covered

These canopies protect boats from bleaching due to sun exposure, water stains from rain, or damage from high winds and debris which can all ruin them both on the inside and outside. In short, they keep watercraft protected whether in storage or on-the-go.

Our canopies are expertly made with premium materials. They are manufactured with heavy duty 18 oz. vinyl material that is treated against UV rays and mildew. Additionally, welded seams provide strength and waterproofing features and also include double stitched pockets.

NOTE: Syntex Industries produces replacement covers that are compatible with the below boat lift brands and has no ownership in the registered trademarks or other property of these companies.

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