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Tarps and Canopies for Playgrounds

Everyone knows that it is getting harder and harder to find the funding for school districts to keep the employees paid and the lights on, let alone take care of extracurricular activities. That is why it is so important to take care of the equipment and property that you already have.

The state government doesn’t have money and the parents and community are getting burned out on fundraisers. How can you make your dollar stretch farther these days? Syntex Industries may not be able to help you with your band uniforms, but we can help protect the equipment and property that sits outside.

Scoreboard Covers

Syntex Industries has covers for your scoreboards to help lengthen their life. We have many colors to choose from and can probably match your school colors. It is important to keep this piece of equipment protected during bad weather and the offseason. Sun, rain and the elements can damage the paint, glass, and lights on the scoreboard, leading to costly repairs or even having to replace the scoreboard itself.

Syntex Industries scoreboard covers are strong, durable, and cost less than repairing or replacing the sign. We can custom fit the cover to snuggly fit your scoreboard, keeping the weather and pests from damaging the equipment.

Pitching Mound Covers

Ball diamonds take a lot of abuse during play, but even when they’re not in use, they can get beat up by rain, snow, and more.

Syntex Industries can custom fit a pitching mound cover that matches your school’s colors and helps the pitching mound stay in good shape, avoiding erosion and wear and tear.

Long Jump Pit Covers

Just like a Pitching Mound, Long Jump Pits can take a lot of abuse. If you keep them covered, you can prevent standing water from damaging the pit, or critters making themselves home in the area.

A Syntex Industries Long Jump Pit Cover can extend the life of your long jump pit and we’ll custom fit in and match your school colors, also. The tarp is weather-resistant and durable, saving you the cost of upkeep and maintaining the long jump pit.

Playground Canopies

Playground equipment costs a lot these days. Long gone are the times of steel pipes and 2x4s, now the equipment lasts longer and is much safer for the kids. It is important that your playground equipment lasts and isn’t damaged. A broken or damaged piece of equipment could seriously injure someone, in addition to being costly to repair or replace.

When covered with a Syntex Industries Playground Canopy, the equipment will last much longer. The effects of water damage and a freeze-thaw cycle will be less damaging, and the sun won’t destroy the material. In addition, if the equipment is covered, people won’t be tempted to climb on it when they’re not supposed to.

Call Us About Your Custom Project

Contact Syntex Industries today to learn about all the ways we can protect your equipment and property with tarps and canopies that are custom made in your school’s colors.

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