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Experience Improved Fireman Safety With a Fire Hosebed Cover

Experience Improved Fireman Safety With a Fire Hosebed Cover

Proper equipment is the lifeblood of nearly any kind of activity: professional or recreational. That even goes for people who save lives like firefighters and the kind of equipment they use.

A fire hosebed cover is one of the most important pieces of equipment that a fireman can have. It protects one of the most crucial parts to stopping a fire, the house. In addition, it can contain other useful materials and tools for battling fires.

Let’s learn why Syntex Industries’ hosebed covers are the best in the industry for volunteers and professionals.

Safety, Materials, and Manufacturing  

When we’re talking about an apparatus hosebed cover, we know that safety is the top feature and always come first. We create safety through precise design, using appropriate materials, and building correctly off of the initial design.

Due to NFPA regulations from 2003, having a fire hosebed cover isn’t just a nice addition, it’s mandatory. Because all firemen need this as part of their truck, what is the best way to include it? 

Nearly any kind of equipment or tool can be mass-produced by a factory. That doesn’t mean that it’s the best-suited tool for a particular purpose, however, or that it couldn’t be improved upon.

With growing demand for custom hosebed covers, we’re here to offer them. We have the ability to produce high-quality fire hosebed covers made to your exact specifications. We can scale it, too – depending on what you need.

Whether you want something simple or a fire hosebed cover that can be matched up against the best covers, we have it all. Side release buckles, seat belt buckles, flip top buckles, turn buttons, and various other additions can be added on.

We offer only the best, most top-quality hosed covers that are all custom made for anyone who places an order.

Conditions and Product Options  

You want to make certain that the hosebed cover you’re using while fighting fires is in the best condition possible – and made with the best options that fit your particular situation the best. The conditions couldn’t be better when it comes to the kind of hosebed covers that Syntex Industries produces, because they’re made out of the highest quality materials available on the market.

Having the correct equipment made out of great materials really helps when you’re fighting fires. Fortunately, due to all of the customization options that we offer, you’ll find that we have everything you need.

Heavy coated 18oz vinyl can really get the job done in a lot of situations, and that’s exactly what we offer to customers for our fire hosebed covers. These materials can even withstand temperatures that are around -40F – that’s quite cold! With that, you’ll be able to rely on your fire hosebed cover despite weather conditions.

Even the harshest blizzard shouldn’t stop you from responding if you’re able to, after all. With the kind of durability our fire hosebed covers offer, that won’t be a problem at all.

Make certain that you look at all of the options available for a custom hosebed cover – you might be surprised to find what kinds of things are offered if you need to place an order.

Customizations for USA-Made Fire Hosebed Covers  

All of the fire hosebed covers made by Syntex Industries are only made in the USA – and they’re completely customizable to fit your needs. Made out of the best 18oz vinyl available, features can be added or taken away to fit your exact specifications. 

We have features that increase not only the safety of your fire hosebed cover, but the convenience of it as well. Things like velcro, snaps, and grommets with a shock cord all have their uses for firemen – and if you want your fire hosebed cover equipped with anything and everything that could make a difference, we can offer that to you.

Make certain you get all of the customized options and specifications you need for your USA-made fire hosebed cover. That way, you’ll have everything you need to battle fires effectively and safely.

Rear-End Flaps  

Finally, we are also capable of producing rear-end flaps, too, if necessary. Not every single fire truck is built the same: some are different. In particular, some don’t have a fire hosebed cover on the truck at all, replacing that with a different design entirely.

Instead of the cover, they have a diamond-shaped metal cover and leave the rear open. This can be somewhat of an issue in many situations, so if you need rear-end flaps manufactured for your fire truck, that’s another product that we offer. This is the perfect product if you’ve been looking for something well-made to cover the rear end of your fire truck.

Just like everything else produced at Syntex Industries, Rear-End Flaps can be made customized to your exact specifications, so they fit your truck exactly as you need them to.


Having the proper equipment for a job is important. That’s why we offer customized fire hosebed covers for anyone that needs them. Rest easy knowing we’re able to create hosebed covers exactly to your specifications.

On that page, the plans and specifications are detailed: so you know that we’re able to take any instructions or additions seriously and add them in.

Contact us for more information. We’re easy to get a hold of and can answer your questions about product availability and build limitations.

Make sure you’ve got the best tools – and equipment – to do the job safely. Fight fires with our fire hosedbed covers!


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