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How Do You Keep Your Cast Dry in The Shower?

Breaking your arm or your leg is no fun. There’s a ton of pain, it puts you out of commission for a long time, and it can cause all kinds of other problems in your life. One of the biggest annoyances, however, is showering when you have a cast.

A cast needs to be kept dry at all times, or it can cause problems. Obviously, you need to bathe, and you can be in a cast for anywhere between eight to twelve weeks for a broken arm or leg to heal. So you’ll be in a cast for two to three months.

What options do you have? Let’s go over the best ways to protect your cast and keep it dry while you bathe or shower.

Rigging Your Own Setup – The Downsides  

Right away, you might be tempted to try to create your own setup to save time and money, or to create a more convenient situation for yourself. This, however, is actually the opposite from the truth.

When you try to rig up your own shower situation, things can get frustrating and even somewhat dangerous fast. For example, many people try to use garbage bags, rubber bands, bread bags, or tape. There are issues with all of these.

The first, most obvious issue is that this is a very unprofessional – and not necessarily sanitary or safe – way to cover your climb while showering or bathing. It’s likely that water can get through somewhere, since it most likely wouldn’t be covered fully, which can cause all kinds of issues.

Additionally, rubber bands can cut off the circulation in your arm or leg. The garbage bag or bread bag can get bunched up, or even possibly tear if they’re cheap enough – which they may be, since you’d be trying to save money! This method can actually cost quite a bit to maintain – you could use whole boxes of garbage bags, duct tape, and other materials while doing this.

And it’s not even effective or efficient! That’s the worst part about all of it.

What Happens If Your Cast Gets Wet?  

Without using a cast shower bag, keeping your cast dry in the shower can be a hassle. You might be thinking, ‘it doesn’t matter that much,’ but doctors, other medical professionals, and general cast care advice would disagree with you.

When you get a cast wet, the following things can happen:

  1. You or your child’s skin can get irritated or even infected. Casts are meant to stay dry – most are not meant to be wet or have really any kind of real moisture introduced to them at all. You’re really not meant to have a wet cast on a limb.

  1. A noticeably bad smell can be caused. This is irritating, annoying to deal with, and can just cause a bad odor for everyone that – especially the person with the cast – is somewhat forced to endure.

  1. The cast can be reshaped by the water, which is once again awful. This is obviously not conducive to a fast, healthy recovery where you’d be able to return to using the limb again as you once did.

  1. Getting your cast wet can weaken it and make the bone not be properly supported; this can really mess with your recovery.

  1. This doesn’t even take into account the fact that rubber bands can cut circulation off, and various other problems with these unprofessional methods.

What if, instead – you had a specific product designed to guard your limb in the shower from water? Wouldn’t that be an easier, safer, and maybe even cheaper solution, especially when you take into consideration how much money you could spend on supplies?

Syntex Show’rbag – Benefits and Upsides  

The Syntex Show’rbag is everything you could want in a bag that keeps your cast dry while you bathe or shower. Whether you’re looking for a leg cast shower bag or an arm cast shower bag, Syntex has you covered.

The Syntex Show’rbag has many upsides to it. For one, it’s both cheap, and can be ordered in bulk: they’re less than $30 and can be reused multiple times. This will save you a ton of hassle, annoyance, and other issues during your recovery.

In addition, it’s made out of much better materials than garbage bags and rubber bands! It’s easy to slip on and secure in place, it’s comfortable, and it won’t move or get in the way while you shower. It’ll keep your limb dry and your cast dry in the shower so you don’t have to deal with the issues of a wet cast that we went over in the above section.

The ability to reuse it is very much a great part of the Syntex Show’rbag – you can get many uses out of one of them and this allows you to save money, time, and hassle while you recover.

Are There Any Downsides to The Syntex Show’rbag?  

You may be wondering if there are any noticeable downsides to the Syntex Show’rbag. The truth is, there are very few – if any at all! Because the product is cheaper, made out of better materials, and can be reused, there’s really not a downside to using the Syntex Show’rbag.

If you’re still not certain, review some of the information here for yourself to help you make the decision on whether or not it would be useful for you to purchase it. Multiple options are available – bags for arm casts or leg casts, whether you’ve got an infant, toddler, child, adult, or a particularly large adult with a need for a bigger cast.

Conclusions – Get a Syntex Show’rbag Today  

If you’ve ever dealt with a broken bone in a cast, you know how annoying showering can be without the proper product to assist you in that endeavor. Don’t deal with that issue any longer – get a cast shower bag. Review all of your options here if you need to see what different kinds are available.

If you have any questions about what other products Syntex offers, or any questions about the Show’rbag in general, this contact page will let you get in contact with us to answer your questions. We’re always available and can provide a quote, information about custom-built items, or just general info about any of our products.

Don’t hesitate to get the best possible care for you and your loved ones, at a fraction of the cost, for the best possible outcome. Go and get a Syntex Show’rbag today so you don’t need to deal with any of these issues anymore!


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