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Cover Your Pallet (and Other Products)

It doesn’t make sense to work hard to make the best product you can, plan on the best way to ship it, and load it all on a pallet, only to leave the pallet exposed to the elements.

Syntex Industries wants to help you protect your investment with durable, heavy-duty pallet covers. You can keep your palletized items protected and secured. A pallet cover can protect your items from rain, dust, and sun.

Make It Your Own

We know that products are not all one-size-fits-all, so we can customize your pallet cover to fit your needs. Syntex Industries can make sure your pallet cover is exactly what you need with different attachments to help keep them secure. We’ll even make sure that your cover is strong enough to protect against being torn by sharp edges.

Our custom sewing service can make sure your pallet cover is exactly what you need. We will work with you to make sure that your pallet cover fits right, protecting your products. The pallet cover will be durable and flexible, making it easy for you and your employees to cover your pallets.

Other Syntex Products

In addition to our agricultural and construction tarps and pallet covers, Syntex Industries can make just about any cover or canopy that you can think of. No job is too big nor too small.

Awnings: An awning not only protects your customers from the elements, but it can make your business look great! We have a wide variety of colors and materials, so you can have a custom-made awning that fits your needs and ideas.

Recycling Bin Covers: A recycling bin cover keeps the elements from spreading your trash around your neighborhood and also keeps varmints from rummaging through your recycling bin. The cover fits over your bin like a giant shower cap, keeping your recyclables in the can and the rain, wind, and raccoons out!

Auger Chutes: If your grain is falling from the auger to the hopper, you can lose a lot of it on windy days, or if you can’t get the hopper lined up right. An auger chute makes sure that your crop goes straight from the auger to the waiting cart or wagon.

Showrbags: If you have a cast or bandage that needs to be kept dry, a Showrbag from Syntex Industries is the right choice. You can use it over and over and you don’t have to mess with rubber bands and garbage bags.

Covers for Sporting Venues: If you have a nice field or stadium, you want to keep it that way. Syntex Industries has scoreboard covers with reinforced corners and zippers for easy installation. We also can make pitcher’s mound and long jump pit covers. With our wide selection of colors, we can easily match your team or school colors.

Fishing Lure Covers: If you’ve ever got stuck with a fishing hook or had to try and get one out of your vehicle’s seat, you know that a fishing lure cover is worth its weight in gold. We have a 6″ vinyl cover that seals with a Velcro strip and can be used with the lure attached to the fishing pole or separately.

Playground Canopies: Syntex Industries’ playground canopies can protect you and your family from the sun and rain. You can install them on tree houses and other equipment, keeping your kids in the shade and safe from the sun.

Syntex Industries is Your Best Choice for Coverings

No matter if you are looking for covers for your business, home, or a hobby, Syntex Industries has the right cover for you. We work closely with the marine industry, firefighters, agricultural businesses, schools, and construction companies. Contact us to learn more about what Syntex Industries can offer you.

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