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Grain Trailer Tarps and Electric Tarp System for Grain Trailers


If you are a farmer or someone involved in the agricultural industry, you know how important it is to protect a crop after it’s been harvested. That crop is the investment of the farmer, and to lose any significant portion of it can be a severe financial loss.

Fortunately, grain trailer tarps and electric tarp systems for grain trailers greatly protect that investment. You don’t have to worry about pests or the elements destroying your grain or crops – and you can sleep with peace of mind that your investment will pay off.

Let’s dive into grain trailer tarps and explain why an electric tarp system for your grain trailers is a great decision!

Types and Benefits of Grain Trailer Tarps

When you’re risking your harvest by leaving it unsecured or unprotected, you’ll want to remedy that problem as soon as possible. Grain trailer tarps and electric tarp systems can really save you valuable time during your harvest, and help you protect that grain.

A grain trailer tarp is simply one of the best investments you can make as a farmer or someone involved in the process. You’ll be certain to be able to keep your grain safe, even in the event of a surprise storm or some other unforeseen issue.

At Syntex Industries, we offer 18 oz or 22 oz vinyl material that protects against mildew and UV rays. This type of material is perfect for a grain trailer tarp, and all of our products use these premium materials.

Additionally, we even offer multiple types of grain trailer tarps. You can get a manually rolling tarp or an electrical system, and we have different options for these systems.

Electric Tarp Systems for Grain Trailers

In our opinion, an electrical tarp system with a high-quality tarp is the best possible way to protect your grain. It’s easy to use, affordable and makes the entire harvest process as simple as possible. Once installation is complete – and we offer both manufacture and installation as part of the cost and process – you’ll wonder why you ever bothered with anything else!

The two electrical tarp systems that we offer at Syntex Industries are the Roll-Rite Electric System and the Shurco Electric System.

Both of these electric tarp systems offer wireless remote control of the systems, and powerful innovative motors that have no issue with irritating grain trailer doors (powerful torque); these electric tarp systems also both offer extremely effective heavy-duty arms that can handle even the heaviest loads.

The Roll-Lite Electric System offers a 5-year warranty on its motor, while the Shurco Electric System offers a lifetime warranty on its arms.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Grain Trailer Tarps and Electric Tarp Systems

When looking into grain trailer tarps and electric tarp systems, it’s best to consider every factor before you purchase. At the very least, look into the main aspects of what you’re looking to buy.

Things that should be considered are things like the type of material (in this case, 18 oz vs 22 oz vinyl), which electric tarp system you want, which features you need, and more. You should generally consider the longevity of the materials and the systems you’re buying, the cost (of course), how user-friendly the system is, and many other factors.

For example, you might want to check to see if the system you’re buying fits well and is compatible with the kind of grain trailer you have. You’ll also want to make sure that it can protect against the elements and has extreme resistance to weather as our products do – you have to protect your investment.

Installation and Maintenance Best Practices

At Syntex Industries, we offer both the manufacture and installation of our products and that includes our grain trailer tarps and electrical tarp systems. However, we also want to offer instructions for installing these products.

Installation of a Grain Trailer Tarp/Electrical Tarp System

  1. You’ll first need to fit all of the parts into your trailer. You’ll want to be certain everything is in exactly the right place: from the rivets to everything else.
  2. Once everything has been fitted, you’ll need to begin positioning everything. Install everything as the instructions dictate, depending on the type of trailer you have and the size of your tarp. Attach the arms, drill holes if necessary into your trailer (to make sure you have interior access), and put the bolts into place.
  3. Ensure everything has been mounted correctly – walk around your trailer and look and check to see everything is in the right place. Don’t finish the installation until everything looks correct.
  4. Test and check to see if your tarp and/or electrical system is working well.

When it comes to maintenance and safety guidelines – the best maintenance is to never damage the system in the first place. Wear and tear is inevitable, of course, but these parts are extremely well-made and will not break out of wear and tear any time soon. Damage from the owner, however, is far more likely. Be careful to never damage any of the systems or run into something sharp that could pierce a critical component.

In terms of safety guidelines, just don’t interfere in the process of running the tarp with an electrical system – you’re more likely to cause an accident than just letting the system do what it is designed to.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do grain trailer tarps function and protect cargo? The tarp prevents material from flying or falling out or being damaged or ruined by weather and climate.
  • What different types of grain trailer tarps are available? 18 oz and 22 oz roll tarps are offered, but other tarps, such as Mesh Roll Tarps and EPA Tarps are available via custom order
  • Are there any maintenance requirements for these grain trailer tarps? Just make sure to not run into anything that is sharp
  • How long do grain trailer tarps typically last? Depends on use, but more rarely-used tarps will last up to 10 years, whereas more regular use could run you between 2-4 years.
  • Are there any regulations or guidelines to be aware of? No.
  • What are the biggest advantages of an electric tarp system for grain trailers? No cranking the tarp open or closed anymore – the wireless remote and the mechanism take care of the whole process.
  • How does an electric tarp system function? The system is powered by your semi batteries with a power cord attached to the trailer. The motor runs the tarp back and forth.
  • Can an electric tarp system be retrofitted into an existing grain trailer? Yes, it can.
  • Are there any safety concerns to worry about? Don’t interfere with the electric system or stand on a ladder during the process.
  • What key features should I look for in an electric tarp system? Warranty, warranties on the electric system and the motor.
  • Are electric tarp systems compatible with different trailer lengths? Yes
  • What is the cost of installing an electric tarp system? At Syntex Industries, we charge 105.00 per hour to install.
  • Can I operate an electric tarp system from inside the vehicle? You absolutely can!

Additional Resources and References

For additional information, please check the two ShurCo’s site, one of our electrical tarp systems, and also RollRite, for the other seller for our other electrical tarp system. These sellers can offer tons of other information about things related to grain trailer tarps and the electrical tarp systems they sell.

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