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Protect Your Boat From Scratches With Log Covers

If you want to keep your boat safe, investing in the right boat lift accessories is integral to the long-term health of the boat. Today, we’re here to talk about boat lift log covers, and why log covers are so important in terms of the value of your boat. The main benefit of log covers is that they help protect your boat from being scratched, but there are other important positives worth discussing, too.

What Are Log Covers?  

Log covers are covers made out of different materials (in this case, 18 oz Premium Vinyl) that are designed to cover parts of a boat lift and prevent them from causing scratches on your boat when it’s entering or exiting the guide.

They have pretty specific dimensions – being about four standard sizes:

  • 4” by 27” long

  • 4” x 48” long

  • 6” by 27” long

  • 6” by 48” long.

These covers are made of 18 oz Premium Vinyl, and this is important, because this means that both the safety of the material of your boat, as well as the durability of the covers, are assured. These covers last many years – probably decades at a full lifespan – and are available in all kinds of colors!

They don’t require much maintenance: you may have to clean them from time to time, but they’re designed to work autonomously, so extensive maintenance shouldn’t be something that you have to worry about.

Why Use Log Covers? 

Log covers are mainly designed to be used to protect your boat from damage when it is entering and exiting the guides of a boat lift. Boat lift log covers are very important for this reason because they increase the value of your boat by preventing more depreciation than is necessary: that way, if you ever want to resell your boat, you’ll get more out of it.

The more you use a boat, the more you’ll notice scratches or accidents that may happen in the process of entering and exiting the boat guides. Even an experienced boater can’t always prevent every little thing that happens: so preparations and precautions are not only helpful, but necessary.

Seeing as boats can be noticeably expensive, it makes sense to invest in the long term health of your watercraft like this. You never know when you may want to sell your boat or recollect as much value from it as possible for a new boat or something else that may be an interest of yours. Log covers help you with all of this.

Our log covers are strong and long-lasting so you should only need to buy them once. They’ll do a great job of protecting your boat from nicks, scratches, and other damage, as they’re intended to do.

How Effective Are Log Covers? 

You may be wondering if you even need log covers or if they’re even effective at what they’re supposed to do. Don’t hesitate to get them! Even if you don’t plan on reselling your boat, it’s still the case that you would like the outside of your vessel to look clean and well-maintained: not scratched up and damaged because you didn’t have the right equipment on hand.

Don’t allow that to happen to your boat. Log covers are a very effective way to prevent your boat from taking damage that isn’t necessary while it’s entering and exiting the guides of a boat lift. Without them, your boat won’t look as good as it should and it won’t resell for as much as it could. They’re an effective, cheap form of boat protection that last a long time and do what they need to.

Log Cover Options 

You may also be wondering about what kind of log cover options are available for boat lift log covers. We already covered sizes: four standard sizes for different boat lifts are available there.

In terms of color, many different options are available. Some of the most popular colors are things like white or tan.

Some of these color options are obviously more fitting for a boat than others, of course. Marine-styled or sea-styled colors for example look a lot better than red, for example, in terms of purely decorative or aesthetic purposes.

However, at the end of the day, it is the customer’s preference for color that matters. That’s why we try to offer so many different options for your boat lift log covers.

Important Links, and Other Boat Lift Accessories  

At Syndex Industries, we sell boat lift canopies, boat lift log covers, and other important boat lift accessories. If you’re looking for something custom-fit to your boat, we have options for that as well: custom fitted boat covers are not outside of our purview either. Clients have to come to us physically to receive these boat covers, but they’re well-made and exact to your specifications.

If you need boat lift log covers for your boat and you weren’t sure were to get them, try ours. We feature boat lift foam log covers made out of 18 oz Premium Vinyl, so you know that you’re getting the best possible quality. These log covers can come in any color you choose, from black to green to blue to white and anything in between.

Boat lift canopies, of course, are also available. Shop boat lift canopies right here if you need coverage for your boat lift to protect it from the sea and the elements. Just like the log colors, they can come in any color that you choose.

The sizes are standardized and should fit any normal boat or accessory that you have available that you need covered.

Finally, don’t hesitate to contact us here if you need further information or you want a quote on some of the services that we provide.

Get the best boat lift accessories from us today!

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