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How to Choose the Right Cast Cover for Showers

If you’ve recently broken a limb, or you know someone who has, you’ve probably just gotten a cast. Your doctor probably also informed you that you’ll need to take good care of your cast, and get a cast cover for when you shower – so that the cast doesn’t sustain any damage or leak water onto the covered limb.

If you’ve never had to look for a waterproof cast cover before, don’t worry! We’ll go over all of the most important cast cover information to help you make a decision and get a cast cover that fits your needs! Let’s dive right in. 

Types of Cast Covers 

There are a few different kinds of cast covers and some important differences that you should look into when purchasing one. Considering you’re getting a cast cover to shower/bathe/swim in, this shouldn’t be an issue, but always check that the cast cover is waterproof. There may be some specialty covers designed with a specific use in mind that are not, so checking the details is always important!

You can get a cast cover that’s bulkier and fits more of the entire limb (for more severe breaks or casts) or a cast cover that’s slimmer and works a bit more for a more mobile person. Much of this depends on the material of the cast cover that you’re getting (more on that below). 

Ultimately, the type of cast cover you get depends on your injury, the break, the type of cast you have, and a few other factors. Let’s look into those factors now!

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Cast Cover 

There are a few things that are more important than others when choosing a cast cover. You should keep these things in mind when buying one, as they can impact your experience in a really big way.

Size of Cast Cover, Fit: Of course, the size of your cast cover and the way it’s going to fit is one of the most important factors to consider during research and purchase! You want to make sure the cast cover will fit very snugly around the cast, protecting it from any kind of water damage. Something too loose may allow water in or not fit correctly, so avoid cast covers that aren’t the right size.

Weight: This is an aspect of buying a cast cover that many may not think about. It’s very important to get a lightweight cast cover unless you need something bulky and more protective. Otherwise, it may feel like you’re carrying some extra weight around, and that’s probably unwanted on a limb that’s in a cast because it’s broken! Try to get a lightweight cast cover (usually depends on the material) so you can avoid this issue.

Design: This aspect of the cast cover is more personal than not. Make sure you get the right design for your cast cover so that you like how it looks! There’s no reason to be wearing something that looks strange or doesn’t fit right, especially considering the fact that you could be wearing the cast cover in public if you go to the pool or another place.

Material: Arguably one of the most important factors! There are different materials to choose from, such as vinyl, which is lightweight and water-resistant. Other options include elastic materials, which often provide a very tight fit, or something like PVC, another high-quality material often used for cast covers.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Are cast covers reusable?: Absolutely! Cast covers such as the Show’r Bag Cast Cover typically last six to eight weeks and should be good for the duration of your recovery.

Can I clean my cast cover?: Yes, and it’s very easy! Most cast covers just need to be wiped down with a damp cloth. If you have a special material that requires specific cleaning instructions, be sure to follow them.

Can I shower with my cast cover?: Yep, and it couldn’t be simpler! Just make sure your cast cover fits just right and there shouldn’t be any issues!

Can I swim with my cast cover?: Yes, definitely! Just be certain to be careful and keep everything clean and watertight!

What are the biggest risks to my cast and cast cover while bathing, swimming, or showering?: At least for swimming in the ocean (or in any kind of water that might not be 100% clean), you want to be sure that debris does not get in your cast because that can cause issues.

Are there specific procedures I should learn to use my cast cover better?: The easiest rule to remember is to clean and dry your cast during removal after you’re done using it. Doing that should prevent any accidental water leakage onto your cast when removing the cast cover.

How to Choose the Right Cast Cover For Your Cast 

The steps to choosing the right cast cover for your cast are simple and easy! We can break it down into four steps:

1: Choose the right fit and size. Make certain the cast cover will be watertight and effective at protecting your cast while swimming, showering, or bathing.

2: Choose the material and any custom specifics you might want or need in your cast cover

3: Choose the color and anything else you need, and figure out which brand you’re getting, and from where.

4: If necessary, have the cast cover custom-made (if it cannot be bought in a predetermined size/shape).


As you can see, there are a lot of different factors and things you should consider when buying a cast cover! From the material used to the size and the fit, you really need to think a lot! That’s why using a high-quality custom-made product like the Show’r Bag Cast Cover is one of the best possible solutions to this problem!

Feel free to check out our main webpage here, where we give information on all of our other products! Syntex Industries is an independent manufacturer creating high-quality products, and we have many other products available for other industries if you feel that you might need them!

Finally, if you have any questions or need more detailed, direct information, don’t hesitate to use our contact page! We can answer any query about our products that you may have, and we can also take detailed specifications if you need something manufactured in a very specific way.

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