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Hosebed Covers for Your Fire Apparatus

Since 2006, it has been mandatory for all fire apparatus to have hosebed covers. In years past, the fire apparatus may have a length of hose hanging down the end of the truck. Or, it might end up being laid down the road or causing other bodily and property damage. One particularly bad incident where a hose came loose from the hosebed led to the 2006 mandate that all fire apparatus must immediately have hosebed covers. So what are your choices for hosebed covers and crosslay covers for your fire apparatus?

Custom Hosebed Covers

At Syntex Industries, we offer custom hosebed covers for your fire apparatus. Whether you’re looking for a simple red vinyl with no lettering, or you want all the bells and whistles in every color of the rainbow we’ve got you covered. Our custom hosebed covers keep the hose secure and protect other people and vehicles as the fire apparatus drives down the road. They are made of heavy duty 18 oz. vinyl coated fabric which is able to withstand -40F temperatures. There are tons of colors to choose from–more than just the usual red and black. Our hosebed covers are also mildew resistant and UV protected to keep your hoses away from the damage the sun can bring. You can also add letters, numbers, or reflective letters and numbers. Plus, there are lots of different closure options including side release buckles, seat belt buckles, flip-top buckles, squeeze buckles, turn buttons, lift-a-dots, snaps, grommets with shock cord, aluminum extrusion, and velcro.

NFPA Compliant Reflective Chevron Material

If you’re concerned with the safety of your team and of those around you, a reflective chevron NFPA compliant material for your hosebed cover might be a great option. It provides more safety than other options, and it is easily seen by drivers and citizens passing. It is made with micro-prismatic high gloss PVC tapes which are of the highest quality, and custom sizes are always available for your custom fire apparatus.

Crosslay Covers

Not only do you need to secure your hosebed, but there are also other items in your fire apparatus that you need to secure. Keep various items in place while traveling with a crosslay cover. These crosslay covers are available in black, red, or blue 2” webbing or vinyl. They are perfect for any fire apparatus, and they are customized to fit the exact opening size. The different closures/hardware include side release buckles, seat belt buckles, flip-top buckles, squeeze buckles, turn buttons, lift-a-dots, snaps, grommets with shock cord, aluminum extrusion, and velcro.

How to Get the Custom Fit You Need

The easiest way to get a quote for a hosebed cover or crosslay cover is through email to Syntex Industries. Send us a request with what you’re looking for, and we will send back a set of diagrams that you can fill out with dimensions, color, and fastener choices. Then, scan and send us back the completed diagrams. We can then provide a custom fit for your fire apparatus without you having to stop everything to leave your truck at the shop. At Syntex Industries, we are dedicated to making high-quality fire apparatus equipment, just as you are dedicated to saving lives. Contact us today to get started on a custom hosebed cover or crosslay cover for your fire apparatus.

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