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Recycling Bin Covers and Other Covers For Your Home or Business

If you’re finding a need to help organize your outside equipment or property, different types of covers can help with that. Have you ever had trash spread over the yard due to the wind or an animal? Or recyclables, the same way? Having a cover for these outside pieces of property would be helpful in many ways.

In winter especially can this kind of issue become a real nuisance. It might take quite a while to pick up stray trash or recycling, and the whole time, you’ll be out in the cold. Having recycling bin covers is an easy way to avoid all of that mess.

We offer recycling bin covers, pallet covers, awning covers, pickup truck bed covers, shower bags, and more!

Covers and Products for the Home  

Most of the products we make at Syntex Industries are either for the home or the business, and many of these covers are affordable and useful in various parts of your home!

The recycling bin covers that we offer, for example, are inexpensive and high quality. They’re made out of very durable, yet flexible materials. Installation is simple and protects the recycling bin from two major annoyances that plague many people: weather knocking your recycling loose, and animals doing the same thing.

You could also utilize them in other ways: like if you had a container of a similar size and wanted a decent cover for it! Remember, our sewing is custom and all of the products we create are durable and sometimes even have multiple uses. You’d get a lot out of just a few recycling bin covers that would last years.

Another important home product is our awning covers. Not everyone has awnings, but if you do, you’d want to help keep them protected! This goes for if you have a home, a business, an office, or any other type of building with awnings that you’d want to protect.

Our covers help protect awnings from the elements and look great: because they’re custom made, we offer different styles of fabric, colors, shapes and sizes. As a last note about the awnings, the aluminum frames also come in all shapes and sizes, just in case you have a special or non-standard request that you need filled.

Covers and Products for Businesses  

These covers and products are more geared towards businesses or landowners rather than just for the home. You’ll find that these covers really assist by providing you with a convenient way to protect all of your belongings, no matter what form they come in!

If you’re a farmer, or a seed dealer, or even if you happen to have some seed bags outside, our pallet covers do a great job of protecting your seed bags. You won’t have to worry about the elements or animals/pests ruining your seeds overnight while you sleep. 

Not only that, but they come with D rings and grommets, which will make them easy to secure whenever you decide to travel. 18 oz vinyl is the choice of material. It’s very strong, very durable, and has anti-mildew and UV protection.

Another great product that we offer is pickup truck bed covers. This is useful for both businesses as well as for the home if you own a pickup. If you like to transport materials or items in your pickup, or if you hate cleaning dirt, water, slush, debris, or other things out of the back of your pickup bed, this cover can be beneficial.

One quick note about our pickup truck bed covers — unlike every other product, we deal these and do not manufacture them in house. We still vouch for the quality of the pick-up truck bed covers, of course, but those are not directly manufactured by Syntex Industries 

Finally, Shower Bags – Cast Covers are great for if you break a bone and need to have a cover for that cast while you’re in the shower. The normal methods of covering a cast are obnoxious at best and annoying at worst.

Skip that, and instead get one of our Show’rbags so that your cast will be protected from water and you won’t have to worry about rigging up something that will barely work the right way.

How Our Products are Unique   

After seeing some of the covers that we have available, you might be wondering exactly how our products are unique. Syntex Industries prides itself on quality, durability, and getting the order right the first time.

When you order from us, we’ll always ask you for very detailed specifics if you have any kind of custom sewing or custom additions that need to be done. That goes for any of our products: from covers to boat lifts, canopies, fire equipment, and everything else.

The plans and specifications we use are so detailed that you can easily outline everything you need to request. It doesn’t matter how detailed or specific your needs are: we are a professional manufacturer and can handle everything.

We custom fit everything, from our covers to our fire equipment, because we understand how important it is that the product fits the job or individual just right.

On top of that, because we use high-quality materials, all of our products are durable and will be able to be used for years to come.

Come Buy Our Covers and Custom Sewing Today 

Here at Syntex Industries, we always want to provide you with the best possible product that we can for any of the industries or niches that we service. Everyone is an important customer to us and it’s crucial that you get the product you need at the exact time you need it. We’ll carefully craft everything exactly as you request it.

If you want to buy recycling bin covers or some of our other kinds of covers, click here. We also offer other kinds of products for various industries and uses, including fire equipment, boating equipment, construction equipment, agriculture machinery, and various other products.

To read our about page, click here.

To contact us with an order or for more information, click here.

Finally, to look at all of our products, click here for our main website, where we show everything we have to offer you.

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