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What is The Right Tarp For My Truck?

If you work in construction, landscaping, or other similar industries, the disposal of waste and the byproduct of a day’s work has to go somewhere. Whether you’re hauling gravel, dirt, bricks, rocks, sand, or something else, there needs to be something to carry it — the truck — and you also need something to cover it. You need a truck bed tarp.

Of course, when working in an industry like those listed above, you would want a strong, quality truck bed tarp that’s unlikely to rip or be unable to handle a load of those kinds of materials. Furthermore, the kind of tarp you need, including the material it’s made out of and what it can contain, changes depending on what kind of task you’re performing.

We’ll help you figure out what tarp is best for the job and create a custom-fit that meets your expectations. Let’s go over what’s available and how we can narrow down the best fit for your needs.

What Kind of Tarps Does Syntex Industries Produce? 

Here at Syntex Industries, we only produce the highest quality kinds of tarps. Most commonly, the main material we use is 18 oz vinyl. The reason for this is that it’s strong and sturdy, and doesn’t tear easily.

It’s relatively easy to work with and provides a very easily-maintained tarp that works well for many different needs. It’s a very good one-size-fits-all option. We also offer 22 oz vinyl, though that’s only available for some different styles of tarps. All of our products, however, offer the 18 oz vinyl version.

We produce tarps for a lot of different tasks. All of the tarps that we do produce have hardware that is either aluminum or galvanized: either way, you won’t have to worry about rust becoming a problem later on down the road. When you buy from us, we want to make sure we give you a lasting investment that’s worth the price

Because 18 oz vinyl is such a high quality material, it comes with other side benefits, such as protection from UV rays. Above all, buying a truck bed tarp from Syntex Industries means a high quality product that’s perfectly suited to whatever the task at hand is..

What Kind of Trucks or Tasks Do You Make Tarps For?  

We do support a large variety of different industries and types of work with the tarps that we produce. You need different tarps for different tasks, after all: some types of tarps wouldn’t contain sand very well, for example, but other tarps would. The opposite is true, as well, of course: many tarps wouldn’t contain heavier materials as well, but something sturdier like 18oz vinyl is better suited for it.

The majority of our tarps are designed for grain trailers, side dump and belly dump trucks, dump trucks and dump truck trailers, and truck boxes. This allows us to support a wide variety of different industries and tasks with our tarps. 

We also custom-fit the truck bed tarps we create, so you can be certain that if you have a measurement that’s a bit non-standard or something else that’s off a bit, we can still accommodate you. Here at Syntex industries, we never hesitate to fit the product to the customer. You’ll always leave with something that’s perfectly designed for what you need it for.

What Are You Hauling? What Protects It Best? 

It’s much easier to make a decision about what kind of tarp you need when you know what you’re hauling. For example, if you’re hauling something like lumber or steel, 18oz vinyl takes care of that very well without a problem. And you would want to use it, too, because 18oz vinyl is also waterproof (not all tarps are!) and it would assist you by protecting the lumber and steel all the way to the destination.

Not all truck bed tarps are the same, however. Perhaps you need a smoke tarp to protect what you’re hauling from smoke and soot: in that case, you’d want to use 3.5 oz polyethylene, and that would be quite helpful, because it would keep that smoke and soot out: but it isn’t waterproof, so you’d have to be very careful with the weather when making your haul.

A canvas truck bed tarp is yet another example, that commonly uses 12 oz breathable polyester fabric. These tarps usually protect objects or property from mildew, mild weather damage, and a few other important hazards such as insects. Still, it’s not the same material as 18 oz vinyl so the properties would be different: you wouldn’t carry that same tarp over to your dump truck full of sand, for example.

If you know what you’re hauling and what kind of tarp you need to order, then the rest of the process should be a cinch. We’ll get all of the information that we need from you to complete your order: and then turn around and deliver a product to you quickly.

Conclusion: Get Your Truck Bed Tarp From Syntex Industries Today

If you have a serious need for a tarp, we can help you here at Syntex Industries. We have all of the materials and the different types of tarps for truck beds available to fill whatever order you have. 

If you’d like to take a more in-detail look at the products we offer — not just truck bed tarps — here is the home page of our website, where you can view the different products we offer.

The first and easiest thing to do if you have any questions is contact us using our contact form. That’s right here. The contact form can either be used for questions or to place an order, which you can also do over the phone.

Once you have the order placed, we’ll work out all of the details with you and get your order created as fast as we can. In the end, you’ll receive a custom-fit piece that perfectly compliments your situation and helps solve whatever problems you were having.

Our phone number, if you wish to call us, is 515-332-3265 — come and place an order today or ask any question you like. We’re here to help, and at Syntex Industries, we don’t leave any customer unsatisfied. Thanks for reading!

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