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Tarps For Your Truck and Farm Equipment

It looks like Old Man Winter has finally moved on and we can start working outdoors. Syntex Industries wants to make sure you have the tools you need for success.

Now is a good time to look at the tarps you have on your trucks and trailers. Weather and use can take a toll on your tarp, so make sure it is in good shape and protecting your vehicles and loads.

Agricultural Tarps

Hopefully, you’ve been able to get into your fields and get a start on planting. Syntex Industries has a variety of custom-made tarps for your agricultural equipment. We want to make sure that your equipment and product are protected from the elements and loss.

Some of the custom-made tarps we offer include tarps for grain trailersgrain carts, and fertilizer and seed wagons. We also have tarps for power hoppers on combines and other equipment. Our tarps can be paired with electric roll kits or you can choose the economy kits. Regardless of what kind you choose, you will get a tough tarp that can stand up to the elements and use.

In addition to our tarps, we carry a full line of tarp hardware, so that you can repair your agricultural tarps, instead of having to replace them.

Construction Tarps

If you are in the construction business we have tarps for your dump trucks, cargo trucks, and side or belly dumps. Our custom-fitted truck tarps fit perfectly and are tough enough to withstand the weather and the load you’re carrying.

All of our truck tarps are made of heavy-duty 18-ounce vinyl material. The vinyl is treated to protect it against mildew and UV rays. The welded seams make sure that the tarp is strong and waterproof. The hardware we use is either galvanized or aluminum to protect against rusting.

Tarp You Can Trust

We are dedicated to providing you a quality product along with outstanding customer service. All of our products come with a two-year limited warranty, giving you the peace of mind that your tarp will do its job. Contact us to learn more about what Syntex Industries can offer to help protect your agricultural and construction equipment. Our tarps will keep your load protected whether it’s crops, bricks, dirt, or other material.

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