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Protect Your Boat

We’re starting to get a few glimpses of Spring weather and you’re probably getting the itch to get your boat into the water. Syntex Industries can help you keep your boat save throughout the year with a variety of marine products.

Covers and Canopies for your Boat

The winter has probably been a little harsh to your canopies and covers. Before you get your boat ready, make sure your protection is in good shape.

Syntex Industries offers a wide selection of boat lift canopies. These are available in vinyl, Sunbrella, and Harbor Time materials with a variety of colors to choose from. When your boat is in storage, these canopies will protect it from acidic bird droppings, harmful sun rays, and other hazards like ice and debris. Let us customize your boat lift canopy to match your boat or dock area.

Pulling your boat into dock can be a nervous time. A momentary distraction or a rogue wave and your boat can bump against the poles along the dock or boat lift, leaving a scratch or worse damage to your boat. Syntex Industries makes a log cover for your boat lift. We can customize the color and fit of your log cover to make it your own.

Whether you keep your boat in the water or you haul it on a trailer, having a good fitting and strong boat cover is important. Our boat covers are custom fitted to your boat, making sure that the elements, critters, and other things that can threaten your boat. It is important that your boat cover is strong if you haul your boat on a trailer. Highway speeds approach the speed of hurricane force winds, so you have to make sure your cover doesn’t rip or come off. Our custom fitted boat covers also give you additional storage space inside your boat while you are traveling.

Only the Best

Syntex Industries is committed to providing you with the best boat covers and boat lift covers in the industry. We take the time to make sure that we are making a product that will give you years of protection and look good doing it. We have researched materials and use only the best that we can find while still giving you an affordable product for your boat or other marine craft.

Contact us today to learn more about the boat covers and boat lift canopies that Syntex Industries offers.

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