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How Do You Clean a Boat Lift Canopy?

Cleaning your boat lift canopy from Syntex is an important part of maintaining the canopy since the canopy material depends on regular maintenance to look good just like your boat. Without cleaning, previously pristine white boat canopies will soon be stained with mildew, mold, and debris.

The Syntex boat lift canopy can be cleaned by scrubbing it with soapy water and a soft-bristle brush before rinsing away any excess debris. Bleach should not be used on these boat canopies since it can degrade the canvas or vinyl of the boat lift canopy over time.

Knowing the proper methods for cleaning your Syntex boat lift canopy can go a long way towards keeping the canopy in great condition for years. Keep reading to learn more about how to clean a boat lift canopy properly.

Cleaning Mildew Off a Boat Lift Canopy  

One of the biggest issues that boat owners run into with most boat canopies is the accumulation of mold and mildew. This mildew is a natural result of the boat lift canopy being stored in damp conditions with poor ventilation, such as boathouses or covered marina bays. Syntex boat canopies are made of the following mold-and-mildew resistant materials:

  • Heavy-duty 18-oz treated vinyl

  • Harbor Time marine fabric (vinyl-coated polyester)

  • Sunbrella solution-dyed acrylic

Syntex’s boat lift canopies do a lot of the heavy lifting for you when it comes to preventing mold and mildew from the start, but you still might have to do some light maintenance of the boat lift canopy to prevent any from building up over time.

The good news is that cleaning mold and mildew off a boat lift canopy is as simple as sourcing some white vinegar and water. Using three parts water to one part white vinegar to scrub your boat lift canopy can leave the top sparkling clean while also deterring the accumulation of mildew and mold in the future.

How to Clean a Syntex Boat Lift Canopy  

The procedure for cleaning a Syntex boat lift canopy is the same as the procedure used for cleaning any general vinyl boat lift canopy. In either case, the top should be removed from the lift entirely before being cleaned. After removing the boat lift canopy from the boat dock, perform the following:

  • Lay the boat lift canopy out flat on the grass and spray off any loose debris with a hose.

  • Using household soap such as dishwashing soap and water, scrub the fabric clean with a soft-bristle brush. A power washer can also be used to clean the boat lift canopy, but be sure to increase spray distance to prevent damage to the top.

  • Once the canopy has been scrubbed clean, rinse it with a hose to remove any remaining dirt.

After washing your Syntex boat lift canopy, the fabric must completely dry before putting the canopy in storage. To speed up this process, the top can be rubbed down with clean towels to remove excess moisture without depending on evaporation.

If you’re planning on replacing your Syntex canopy over the boat lift, it’s important not to use protectants on the canopy fabric. Syntex canopies already come with their own built-in protectorants, and additional chemicals can degrade the fabric over time by drying it out.

Are Syntex Boat Canopies Machine-Washable?   

Syntex boat lift canopies should never be washed in a washing machine. This is because the laundry detergents designed to be used in washing machines are too harsh to be used on boat lift canopy fabrics. Washing machines can cause permanent damage to your Syntex boat lift canopy that make it impossible to re-install on the boat.

Another reason you should avoid washing your Syntex boat lift canopy in a washing machine is that soaking the fabric damages its natural water-resistant properties and can lessen its ability to repel water over time. This makes it more susceptible to mildew and other problems. (Source: Boat Covers Direct)

Storing Syntex Boat Canopies Off the Boat  

Other than keeping your Syntex boat lift canopies clean on the boat lift itself, another concern that boat owners should have when it comes to keeping their boat canopies clean is off-season storage.

Boat canopies that are stored in damp, poorly-ventilated conditions can be susceptible to infestation by mold and mildew. Canopies that aren’t stored in an air-tight container can also be vulnerable to infestation by mice and other pests.

Here are a few additional tips to keep in mind when storing your boat lift canopy off the boat:

  • Make sure that your Syntex boat lift canopy is 100% dry before folding the canopy for off-season storage.

  • Store boat lift canopies in a warm, dry area to prevent discoloration and wear.

  • Make sure to remove all traces of tree sap, battery acid, or other corrosive substances coated on the boat lift canopy before storage. If left on the canvas or vinyl, these chemicals can eat away at the fabric over time. (Source: Pier and Waterfront Solutions)

Boat canopies can be folded during storage but should never be folded while still damp. This can lead to the boat lift canopy becoming water-damaged in storage.

Cleaning Boat Lift Canopies Is Simple Boat Maintenance  

While taking down your Syntex boat lift canopy and cleaning it can be a tedious task, keeping the boat lift canopy clean throughout the boating season can go a long way towards making your boat lift look brand-new years after you buy it.

Keeping up with maintenance while winterizing your boat lift canopy each year prevents cumulative wear and tear to the look of your dock after each boating season.

Contact Syntex Industries today to learn more about your options!

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