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Looking for a Quality, Custom Fire Hose Bed Cover? Look No Farther!

If you’re looking for a quality custom fire hose bed cover, you’ve come to the right place. Syntex Industries have the capabilities and the materials to create the high quality fire hose bed covers that you could hope to have. Syntex Industries is as dedicated to making quality NFPA fire hose bed covers as you are to saving lives.

Any number of additions that may need to be made to your fire hose bed cover are covered in the construction of your custom fire hose bed cover. Fasteners, extensions, and other types of additions are just a few examples when it comes to what’s covered.

In addition, we have other fire apparatus that we offer that you may be interested in, once you purchase a custom fire hose bed cover for your use.

Let’s dive into the biggest points behind our covers and show why they’re the best in the business when it comes to custom fire hose bed covers.

Tons of Additions to Your Fire Hose Bed Cover 

You can add any kind of department number, letters, or logo to your fire hose bed cover that you wish. We create the fire hose bed cover out of a great material — 18oz vinyl — and can tweak the order to your exact specifications.

It can have all the bells and whistles attached and the bed cover will be able to withstand -40F easily. These covers are also mildew resistant and UV protected to keep them from getting damaged by the rays of the sun.

Get Your Custom Fire Hose Bed Cover Fitted Perfectly 

When you make an order with Syntex Industries, we customize the item perfectly to whatever specifications you set. This includes additions such as snaps, buckles (like flip top buckles or side-release buckles), turn buttons, grommets with a shock cord, velcro, lift-a-dots, and various other additions.

These options have use in the field, in terms of both convenience and safety. Whether it’s accessing the fire hose faster, or having it more properly secured, any of these additions will serve you well when fighting fires. We encourage you to think about the best possible options that would suit your purposes as closely as possible — then add them onto the specifications when placing your order.

All of our fire hose bed covers are made out of micro-prismatic high gloss PVC tapes, which are of the highest quality. We are able to customize materials, additions, special requests, and can make ordering the perfect fire hose bed cover a cinch.

Customizing and Placing Your Order 

Once you’re ready to place your order, you’re going to want to go through the process of filling out the attached specifications. We have extremely detailed plans for you to fill out that will result in you getting the fire hose bed cover of your dreams. 

Right here, you can view our PDF file that shows all of the different types of additions, along with the matching specifications that we need sent back into us to be able to complete your order.

It doesn’t matter how specific your requirements are: we can match them. We are a top-tier manufacturer and can create, to your exact requirements, the type of fire hose bed cover that you need.

Simply spend some time with the attached specifications and make sure that everything is right before sending that in along with your request. We’ll begin fabrication and manufacture of your customized fire bed hose cover right away.

The quality and durability of fire bed hose covers are second to none. You’ll find out when you receive your order that we design things the right way first. Our fire bed hose covers are made to last.

To your exact specifications, we’ll deliver your fire hose bed cover. However, we also offer other apparatuses depending on what your needs are.

Other Fire Apparatus Products That May Be Needed  

Now, if you’re looking to order a custom fire hose bed cover, there’s a good chance that you’re looking for other fire apparatus products as well.

We’re happy to say that we produce this kind of necessary equipment here at Syntex Industries. For example, do you have a need for something like a portable water tank? We have that!

We also cover different fire apparatus such as ground covers, crosslay covers, salvage covers, floor runners, and even Stage + SCBA mats.

It doesn’t matter what kind of fire apparatus you have — only the specifications and the materials required to build it to what you need it to be. We can manufacture any of this type of equipment to assist you when it comes to you saving lives and putting out fires.

Order A Custom Fire Hose Bed Cover Today  

If you have a need for a custom fire hose bed cover, look no farther. Here at Syntex Industries we can cover every angle and aspect of that need and help you get the exact kind of product you need.

To review more general information about what we offer with fire hose bed covers. review our general product page here. For more specific information about how to order a fire hose bed and how to fill out the specifications, view our PDF here.  

Attached on the general product page for fire hose bed covers — as well as on the main site, here — you can find the information for other fire apparatus, as well as various other products.

Finally, if you have any questions about any of our products, if you want to place an order, or if you just have any other kind inquiry, contact us here at our contact page. You can either use the contact form, or call us at 515-332-3265.

Either way, we’ll do our best to honor all of the orders given to us, and to assist you with your custom fire hose bed cover. Order through us and we’ll be certain to give you satisfaction.

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