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What’s A Show’rbag?

Just what exactly is a Show’rbag? If you’ve ever had a cast or stitches, you know how hard it is to shower or bathe without getting things wet that shouldn’t.

Syntex Industries makes it possible to protect your bandages and casts from getting wet while showering. Made from a lightweight, yet durable material, the Show’rbag is simple to put on and you can use it repeatedly. In the past, people have had to resort to using garbage bags and tape or rubber bands. Now you can use something specifically designed to protect you.

Why Keep Your Cast Dry?

Your doctor probably told you to keep your cast dry, but they may not have explained why. There are a couple of reasons why it is important to have a dry cast. The cast is used to keep the broken bone in place, so it can heal correctly.

If your cast gets wet, the cast can bend or warp and, in turn, cause the bone to heal in an unnatural position. If your cast gets wet, you may have to have it removed and have a new cast applied. Even if your cast doesn’t weaken, water can get between the cast and your skin, causing irritation and discomfort.

Make sure you dry the Show’rbag before removing it and allow it to dry before reusing it. This will extend the life of your Show’rbag and protect your cast or bandage from getting wet on accident.

We Have The Right Size For You

No matter the size of the patient, Syntex Industries has a Show’rbag that will fit.

Sizes include:

  • Adult Leg
  • Short Adult Leg
  • Adult Arm
  • Child Leg/Arm
  • Toddler/Infant

You can call us or order online and we’ll help you get the right size for your needs.

Home and Hospital

The Show’rbag can be used at home or in medical facilities. Many hospitals and care centers have used the Show’rbag for their patients. An affordable solution for protecting wounds from getting wet and ruining bandages or casts. Syntex Industries is dedicated to helping people have a better quality of life and our Show’rbags are just one more way.

Feel free to stop by our location in Humboldt, IA or you can order online or call 515-332-3265. We look forward to helping you protect yourself, your loved ones, or your patients.

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