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Electric Roll Tarp Kits for Fall Harvest

If you’re like many farmers, you’ve been looking ahead to the upcoming fall harvest for quite awhile now. It takes time to get things prepared, and you never want to be caught with broken machinery or roll tarps right when you need them most. However, many of us don’t consider roll tarps until the last second when we realize that they’re torn, we’re wasting precious time hand cranking, or that they need to be replaced. This season, it’s time to consider an upgrade and time saver for your farming operation: an Electric Roll Tarp.

What is a Roll Tarp?

A roll tarp is a tarp that is used on trucks and trailers. The tarp covers up important cargo and keeps water, pests, gravel, grain, dust, and other debris out of your cargo. The tarp is called a roll tarp because it is rolled back to fill the trailer and then rolled on to cover the cargo. This is opposed to taking a “lid” off or opening a door or gate on the trailer to access cargo.

The traditional tarp system is a manual system, but the electric roll tarp operates wirelessly by push button. Syntex Industries offers a line of electric roll tarp kits for grain trailers. If you are tired of manually rolling your tarp open and closed, the electric roll tarp system is a great option for upgrade. With our electric roll tarp kits, you can open and close the system from the comfort of your cab.

Why Electric Roll Tarp Kits vs. More Traditional Methods?

It’s a natural question: why not just stick with what I know? It works! While that is true, sometimes it’s nice to make an upgrade if it will improve productivity and be less work for you. With an electric roll tarp kit, operators are able to press a button inside the cab and wirelessly control the roll tarp on their trailer. This is great for a few reasons. The first reason is that it’s less work for you! Currently you may have a few steps that you have to take before you can roll your tarp back onto your trailer or get it off. Now, you can stay inside, out of the elements, and press a button and the machine will do all that work for you.

The next reason is that it can improve your productivity. While before you would have to stop for awhile and get everything put back on, now you can put your roll tarp back on at low speeds wirelessly. Lastly, an electric roll tarp requires no special training for new users that you may have had to do with previous traditional roll tarps. This saves you time as well, which we all know can mean the difference between getting to have dinner with your kids and having to skip it to make up time.

How Does an Electric Roll Tarp Kit Help You for Harvest?

When we get to harvest season, the hours can be long and grueling, but they have to be done. Anything that can save time and still get the job done properly and efficiently can be a lifesaver at this time of year. Why not invest in an electric roll tarp kit for your trailer? It can save you time, give you a little less work to do, and last for years to come.

Syntex Industries Electric Roll Tarp kits have a two year limited warranty, a wireless remote for controlling the Electric Roll Tarp from the cab, and we also have the tools to repair any problems that you could possibly have. Our Electric Roll Tarp Kits are easy to install, and we can help you troubleshoot any problems that you might be having with the motor, incorrectly rolled tarp, or problems with taut or loose tarps.

Call Us About Your Custom Project

If you want to make fall harvest easier on yourself this year, it’s time to call Syntex Industries and get yourself an Electric Roll Tarp kit for your farming operation. Give us a call today for more information, pricing, and to get started!

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