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Dump Truck Tarp Systems: Manual vs Electronic

syntex custom roll top cover

In any industry, you’re going to want the best equipment available. It’s important to have high quality materials to get any kind of job done. Syntex Industries offers this for various different things: whether you’re looking for a fire apparatus or a boat lift canopy, Syntex Industries manufactures the exact kind of thing that you need.

The same goes for Dump Truck Tarp Systems: the best possible materials and processes are used to create these products, and there are many different benefits to using Syntex Industries’ products: if you need high end roll tarps and tarp kits for dump trucks and truck boxes, they can cover that need easily for you.

Syntex Industries creates heavy duty 18 oz vinyl roll tarps and roll tarp kits for dump trucks and truck boxes. These roll tarps and roll tarp kits function well because they’re made of high quality material, but they feature welded seams for strength and waterproofing. Because of galvanization – and some of these seams for the tarps being made out of aluminum – rust is impossible. Vinyl prevents UV damage and mildew. Finally, all of these tarps have a 2 year warranty.

Manual Roll Tarps vs Electronic Tarps? 

While you may be used to using manual roll tarps for your dump truck tarp systems, that doesn’t mean it’s necessarily the best option. Electrical roll tarps have a lot of useful additions to them that manual roll tarps do not, and this can assist you with your work and make you far more efficient. There are some downsides to using electrical tarps and electrical roll tarp kits, but in general, the good outweighs the bad by quite a noticeable amount.

We’re going to list these out to really show the advantages of these kinds of upgraded tarps for your machines: no matter whether you’re working in garbage, construction, or elsewhere.

Electrical Roll Trap Pros  

  1. PRO: No Opening The Tarp Manually!

The most obvious benefit to a tarp that can open by itself is the automatic action of this. This can save you time in getting out of the truck, allowing you to perform something else while someone operates the dump truck or even just allowing you to avoid bad weather or an unstable surface.

  1. PRO: Remote Use!

You may find yourself further away from the dump truck or truck box and want to open the tarp, but don’t want to cross the distance. There could be a blockage or a very active work site, which could make you waste time. Instead, you can activate the roll tarp from a distance while doing something else and save yourself a big hassle.

  1. PRO: Greater Time Efficiency

This was mentioned previously, but by being able to activate it remotely and not have to open things manually, it really saves a lot of the time for the worker. This makes it easy to then divert that effort to something else important.

  1. PRO: Increases Safety

An injury on the job site is costly, and not just in terms of money. It hurts morale and damages production severely. Electrical systems have more safety features and less of a chance of hurting a worker.


  1. PRO: Can Save Money in the Long Run

With time efficiency and an increase of production comes an increase of money saved, in terms of lost revenue being avoided.

Installing an Electrical System On a Dump Truck 

Syntex Industries offers the service of installing these electric roll tarp systems onto your dump truck. If you’d rather install the systems yourself for the roll tarp or roll tarp kit, don’t worry: it’s a really easy process to do and the instructions are included with the product when you buy it. 

Either way, you shouldn’t have a problem getting your new electrical roll tarp to function well as soon as possible: whether you choose to have Syntex Industries assist in the installation process or not.

Tarp System Parts: Replacements, Custom Parts, Buying New? 

Syntex Industries can manufacture you a brand new roll tarp, which is probably better than continuing to use one that has had issues in the past. Even if yours is a new roll tarp, you could have issues with specific parts in the future. Syntex Industries can replace these specific parts and help you with any part of the overall roll tarp breaking. That way, you don’t have to pay for an entirely new replacement.

One last final rule to remember that’s important is that if your tarp has been repaired multiple times in the last two years, it’s probably a good idea to get that replaced rather than fixed again. It will continue to cause you more issues if you decide to not get it replaced instead.


No matter what kind of industry you work in, getting a new electrical roll tarp for your dump truck tarp system will generally assist you in increasing efficiency, safety, and profits: so long as you use it right. At Syntex Industries, we can assist you by providing you with a great 18oz vinyl roll tarp or roll tarp kit that can serve all your needs.

Check out some basic information here for more help. If you want a list of replacement parts that Syntex Industries has available, check this page here. Other products are available based on your industry, and can be found on the general page for Syntex Industries.

Convinced, but not sure how to order? Have more questions? Make certain that you inform us of whatever question you have available: click the contact page here to do that.


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