510 13th Street North
Humboldt, IA 50548
PH: (515) 332-3265
Fax: (515) 332-3266

Portable Water Tanks
Hosebed Covers
Crosslay Covers/Speedlay Covers
Chevron Reflective Covers
Salvage Covers
Floor Runners
Ground Covers
Staging Mats
Grain Trailers
Grain Carts
Electric Roll Tarp Kits
Truck Boxes
Fertilizer Trailers
Side Dumps
Dump Trucks
Custom Fitted Truck Tarps
Tarp Hardware
Boat Lift Canopies
Log Covers For Boat Lifts
Custom Fitted Boat Covers
Show'r Bags
Recycle Bin Covers
Auger Chutes
Scoreboard Covers
Pitching Mound Covers
Long Jump Pit Covers
Pallet Covers
Playground Canopies
Pick up Covers
Custom Sewn Products
Fishing Lure Covers
Syntex Industries has been manufacturing quality products since 1978. Syntex is located in Humboldt, IA. We manufacture many products for the Fire, Marine, and Ag/Construction Industries, as well as many other products.
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