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Grain Trailer Tarps and Electric Tarp System for Grain Trailers

Introduction If you are a farmer or someone involved in the agricultural industry, you know how important it is to protect a crop after it’s been harvested. That crop is the investment of the farmer, and to lose any significant portion of it can be a severe financial loss. Fortunately, grain trailer tarps and electric […]

How to Choose the Right Cast Cover for Showers

If you’ve recently broken a limb, or you know someone who has, you’ve probably just gotten a cast. Your doctor probably also informed you that you’ll need to take good care of your cast, and get a cast cover for when you shower – so that the cast doesn’t sustain any damage or leak water […]

Top 5 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Cast Cover for Showering

When you have to wear a cast for any reason, you must change certain things to accommodate it. One area that sees change is self-hygiene and bathing – that aspect of your life. You’ll need a cast cover for showering or bathing, but picking one can be difficult. A cast cover needs to be practical, […]

How Do I Keep Birds Out of My Boat Lift Canopy?

If you’ve got boating accessories, you know about the kind of hassle it can be to keep them in top shape, with very little wear and tear or maintenance issues. For the most part, this just involves properly caring for the accessories: but sometimes, pests and other annoyances can sneak in and cause a larger […]

Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Boat Hoist Canopy Cover

Imagine it: a three-day weekend from work, nothing to bother you, and days and days to enjoy boating out in beautiful, calm, comfortable weather. You get out there and start to get the boat ready, and then you see it: a noticeable forming hole in your canopy cover. While this might take the wind out […]

What is The Right Tarp For My Truck?

If you work in construction, landscaping, or other similar industries, the disposal of waste and the byproduct of a day’s work has to go somewhere. Whether you’re hauling gravel, dirt, bricks, rocks, sand, or something else, there needs to be something to carry it — the truck — and you also need something to cover […]

Boat Lift Cover vs Boat Cover

Boat Lift Cover vs Boat Cover  If you’re someone who enjoys boating and you’ve finally managed to acquire your own, you’d understandably be invested in the protection of what you’ve just purchased. Boats are some of the more expensive things to own in life and they can cost a small fortune: from the initial price, […]

How Long Do Boat Lift Canopies Last?

Can Anything Be Done To Extend Boat Lift Canopy Lifespans?   The best way that you can extend a boat lift canopy’s lifespan is mainly through removal of it. You see, when you leave a boat lift canopy on over through seasons where it isn’t doing much for the boat, you’re only reducing the lifespan of […]

Recycling Bin Covers and Other Covers For Your Home or Business

If you’re finding a need to help organize your outside equipment or property, different types of covers can help with that. Have you ever had trash spread over the yard due to the wind or an animal? Or recyclables, the same way? Having a cover for these outside pieces of property would be helpful in […]

Looking for a Quality, Custom Fire Hose Bed Cover? Look No Farther!

If you’re looking for a quality custom fire hose bed cover, you’ve come to the right place. Syntex Industries have the capabilities and the materials to create the high quality fire hose bed covers that you could hope to have. Syntex Industries is as dedicated to making quality NFPA fire hose bed covers as you […]

Dump Truck Tarp Systems: Manual vs Electronic

In any industry, you’re going to want the best equipment available. It’s important to have high quality materials to get any kind of job done. Syntex Industries offers this for various different things: whether you’re looking for a fire apparatus or a boat lift canopy, Syntex Industries manufactures the exact kind of thing that you […]

It’s Time To Replace Your Grain Trailer Roll Tarp

It’s Time To Replace Your Grain Trailer Roll Tarp If you’re looking to make certain that your grain stays dry and in the perfect condition to be sold, the correct materials are necessary for the job. Usually, farm equipment is fairly reliable and lasts a while – but nothing anyone can build lasts forever. Even […]

How Do You Keep Your Cast Dry in The Shower?

Breaking your arm or your leg is no fun. There’s a ton of pain, it puts you out of commission for a long time, and it can cause all kinds of other problems in your life. One of the biggest annoyances, however, is showering when you have a cast. A cast needs to be kept […]

Experience Improved Fireman Safety With a Fire Hosebed Cover

Experience Improved Fireman Safety With a Fire Hosebed Cover Proper equipment is the lifeblood of nearly any kind of activity: professional or recreational. That even goes for people who save lives like firefighters and the kind of equipment they use. A fire hosebed cover is one of the most important pieces of equipment that a […]

Protect Your Boat From Scratches With Log Covers

If you want to keep your boat safe, investing in the right boat lift accessories is integral to the long-term health of the boat. Today, we’re here to talk about boat lift log covers, and why log covers are so important in terms of the value of your boat. The main benefit of log covers […]

Things to Consider When Searching For Boat Lift Canopies?

Congratulations, you’re a boat owner – or maybe you have been for a while now and you’re looking into getting a boat lift canopy. Protecting your boat with a boat lift canopy is a smart idea – even if it’s just to make sure your initial investment doesn’t get ruined, and for no other reason. […]