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Whether you are a farmer, a co-op or a trucking company, protecting your investment or that of a customer is of prime importance in the Ag Industry. Since moisture content is of utmost importance, product that gets wet for a sustained period of time will degrade your crops and ultimately reduce profitability.

Syntex Industries is in the business of helping you effectively deal with the decision-making process of selecting the right tarp and hardware since we have been “Keeping Our Customers Covered” since 1978. We realize that you are looking for value, getting your product when you need it and ultimately with little or no hassle, either now or in the future.

Tears and holes in existing tarps will ultimately happen whether from some type of operation error or from long-term use of a grain trailer tarp. So, whether you are looking to replace an existing tarp or expand your operation and need a new one, you’ve come to the right place. Syntex grain trailer tarps come in a variety of colors including standard black, white, gray, blue, red, tan and green. Other colors are available upon request.

Our grain trailer roll tarps are expertly made with premium materials and provide you with a very simple and effective tarp system. When you choose to purchase tarps from Syntex Industries, you are making a long-lasting investment!

Need Installation or Repair? We Manufacture and Install!

We are the only manufacturer in a 100 mile radius that both manufacturers and installs. If there is ever an issue with the tarp during the installation, we can quickly and easily solve the problem. You can be assured the job will get done right and completed on time, since everything is made and installed right here in our factory.

In addition to installing roll tarps, we can provide our customers with repairs right at our facility, with the necessary space to allow large trailers, such as 50’ long trailers to be brought in to our facility.

Our tarps are easy to roll and unroll, manually rolling a roll tube that uncovers/covers the tarp across the width of the grain trailer.

They are manufactured with heavy duty 18 oz. or 22 oz. vinyl material that is treated against UV rays and mildew.

They also are made with welded seams that provide strength and waterproofing features

They are completed with double stitched pockets for roll tubes and stationary tubes.

Since all of our hardware is galvanized or aluminum you won't have to worry about rust!

In addition to ag grain trailer tarps, we also provide tarps for your:

Try Our Electric Roll Tarp System!

Syntex takes the hassle away from manually rolling your tarp open and closed with our electric roll tarp systems! Yes, this means you can safely and efficiently open and close the power tarp system from the comfort of your cab using a wireless remote!

Electric roll tarp cover kit for semi trailers


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At Syntex Industries, we GUARANTEE that you will get the quality and service you deserve along with our 2-year warranty. We are committed to solving problems and developing lasting relationships with all our customers. Call us today!
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